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Discover the independent hearing service provider in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, offering comprehensive hearing assessments and cutting-edge hearing aids.


Best Hearing Aids in Newcastle

We solve all your hearing needs by providing personalised hearing care for you and your family! We are family owned, local and independent hearing centre!!


Benefits of Family Hearing Centre

Honest and comprehensive hearing consultation. Latest hearing solutions for the community of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.

Experienced Audiologist

Industry experience of 15 years plus

Modern Equipment

Hearing test in sound proof booth along with precisely calibrated equipment

Home Visits

We come to you if you are unable to travel

Individual Approach

We take the time to find your individual needs & deliver in a way you prefer.

Hearing Loss

On an average, it takes about 5 years for a person to recognise loss of hearing and it can take up 7-10 years for someone to do something about the hearing loss. Are you experiencing below symptoms?

  • I struggle to hear in situations like restaurant, cafe, clubs or social events
  • My family comments on my hearing
  • I often have my TV little higher than my family
  • I depend on subtitles to understand dialogues of the movie or tv show
  • I miss the starting of sentences or the ending of sentences
  • I have to tell my family to face me and talk
  • I use my phone on loudspeaker so I hear better


Family Hearing Centre caters to all the hearing needs of your families in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie. We are the local independent audiology experts in comprehensive hearing assessments and latest hearing solutions for pensioners, dva card holders, adults and occupational hearing assessments.

Hearing Test

We provide 30 min hearing screenings and 60-75min comprehensive hearing tests for adults and school aged kids. We provide completely free hearing tests for Pension card holders, DVA card holders and Industrial Deafness Claim.

Our thorough hearing assessments are designed to identify the root cause of your hearing difficulties and provide personalised solutions tailored to your unique needs. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, audiologists will evaluate your hearing and recommend the most suitable treatment options.

  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Speech in Noise Test
  • Tympanometry & Impedance Test

Hearing Aids

We understand that every individual's hearing needs are different, which is why we offer a wide range of advanced hearing aids from leading manufacturers. Our trusted audiologist will help you select the perfect device that not only fits your lifestyle but also delivers exceptional sound quality and comfort.

We offer the latest digital hearing aids from world-know brands like Phonak, Oticon, Signia, Widex & Starkey. We customise each hearing aid for your individual hearing levels with diagnostic tests to provide excellent sound quality and improved hearing in various listening situations.

  • Bluetooth Hearing aids
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Upto 5 years Warranties

Hearing Test for Kids

It is difficult to find a hearing clinic that offers hearing tests for kids in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region. We aim to solve this problem for our local community. We conduct hearing test and middle ear assessments for kids that are 5 years and older.

  • Play Audiometry
  • Tympanometry & Impedance Tests
  • Reports for Specialists


Today, millions of Australians are affected by tinnitus. It is an unwanted noise that is present in the head which may be associated with hearing loss. Some individuals find it hard to concentrate at work or even go to bed after a long day of hard work.

Often, tinnitus gets brushed off easily by saying there is no treatments. However, there are multiple ways that one could help manage tinnitus in day to day life and live a more pleasant lifestyle. Book an appointment with our audiologist to discuss tinnitus and tinnitus management in detail.

  • Tinnitus Evaluation
  • Tinnitus Maskers
  • Tinnitus Counselling

Industrial Deafness Claim

Many young Australians are experiencing work related noise damage leading to tinnitus and hearing loss. We aim to provide comprehensive hearing tests and digital hearing aids through industrial deafness claims. The best news is it is completely free of cost.

Best Hearing Aids in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Best Hearing Aids

Rechargeable & Bluetooth technology with natural sound quality

Proven Fitting Methodology

Real Ear Measurement to achieve customised hearing aid fitting

Experienced Audiologist

15 years of experience in the field of Audiology

Hearing aids for every budget & lifestyle

Pensioner & DVA

Free onwards


$990 onwards

Industrial Deafness Claim


Complimentary Premium Hearing Care Package for Peace of Mind

Precise Programming

Hearing aids require on-going care and adjustment to maximise their benefit over the years. We offer precise fine-tuning of hearing aids on a periodic basis.


We provide tele-health appointments where you don’t have to travel to the clinic for ongoing adjustments to hearing aids.


We offer up to 5 years of warranties on the hearing aids which provide complete peace of mind and no surprise costs related to repairs for a long time.

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We provide home visits or nursing home visits for clients who struggle with mobility. All our equipments are small and portable so we can come to you for hearing tests and hearing aids.

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